Our process


The first thing we do is to fully understand your brand by asking questions. Once we are satisfied, we follow these five steps:

Concept development

We will work with your existing marketing team to come up with brilliant and creative ideas that will surprise and engage your customers.



The next step will be to create the content of the app. Whether it’s a video, outdoor or print advert, or even product packaging, we will ensure it meets the required standards for the campaign.



This is the technical aspect of our work where our developers get into the zone. We will either add the content we have created to an existing app or build you a new one entirely.


Make public

Before we make the app accessible to the public we will do extensive tests to make sure that it launches seamlessly and on time.



At the end of every project we carry out an assessment of the campaign and we also give you access to data showing you how much ROI the campaign has achieved.